The Security of a Salary, The Freedom of an Entrepreneur
How I Went From a "Broke Insurance Agent" to 
"Six Figures" In The Medicare Industry...
How I Went From a "Broke Insurance Agent" to 
"Six Figures" In The Medicare Industry...
And Why You Should Start Selling Medicare Supplements to Seniors 65 and Older.
Train 100% online to market and sell Medicare Supplements:
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  Keep Getting Paid For Life on the Same Sale!
  Has The Flexibility To Sell In All 50 States!
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Watch how easy it is to enroll someone over the phone with this easy to replicate system!
Over 50 Training Video's And Growing Covering:
  • How To Find The Best States To Market Medicare Supplements
  • How To Educate Your Clients On How The Medicare System Works
  • How To Sell Medicare Supplements and Other Products Over The Phone
  • Tools and Software You Need To Sell Effectively and Build Your Business
  • Recorded Sales Demonstrations (See How I Do It)
  • How To Generate Leads For Medicare Supplements
  • How To Contract and Who To Contract With To Sell Medicare Supplements
  • Ongoing Training On What Is New and Working In Medicare
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What Is
We exist to provide an alternative to traditional training. Our membership site offers 100% online training to get up and running in a new career that can lead to a six figure income. Within this site you will find the knowledge, the tools, and the training to generate your own leads and approach sales in a new way, a better way, through education.
Who Is Eric Fierro?
Eric has been in the insurance industry for over 14 years now. He has worked as an insurance agent for companies like State Farm, United American and Transamerica.

He found his home in the Broker Channel of the Senior Market in 2006 selling Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements. He also spent 12 years educating, training, supporting, and servicing clients and insurance agents across 36 states as the Director of Sales & Marketing for a National FMO. Today he operates his own call center focused on selling Medicare Supplements in 35 states.
Let's Take a Look At The Opportunity!
The numbers speak for themselves! Enrollments in this product will continue to rise through 2025 and still experience steady growth through 2040! Come and learn more about this amazing opportunity today!
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